The Garden in Summer


Rosemoor BorderAlthough it has been a pretty difficult year for gardening in general, it has actually been pretty good weather for getting plants established in a new garden, and it is finally starting to look more like a garden than a building site – at least the most colourful item in the garden is no longer a builder’s bag!
In early summer the Pastel Border (left) was an absolute joy, with the blue & white spires of Delphinium ‘New Zealand Doubles Mixed’ towering above the other plants.  To top it all, they flowered again towards the end of the summer too.
Pastel BorderFrom mid-summer onwards the Rosemoor Border (right) started to do its thing – golden Stipa tenuissima framing the warm rich colours of Achillea, Helenium, Echinacea, Rudbeckia, Kniphofia & Verbena.
The garden was assessed by the NGS a few weeks ago, and once final details are sorted out we anticipate opening for the NGS (Yellow Book) next year – hopefully you will be able to see us listed as a new garden there.  And we have the first small group visits planned for next summer.