Langdale Autumn 2017

As each year goes by and the garden at Langdale matures, it seems to me that the differences in the seasons are becoming more noticeable. And although autumn this year started as if it was going to be all over very quickly, I think the colours of autumn here have actually been the best yet.

Langdale is developing into a garden of views, of great plant combinations that catch the eye. I enjoy walking along this path (left) through what we call the Salvage Garden at any time of the year. At this time of year, in the foreground and demanding attention is arching Stipa ichu, but the eye quickly moves on to the seasonal star of the show, Miscanthus nepalensis glowing golden in the sunlight. All around there are contenders – a newly planted Kniphofia rooperi, and Vitis vinifera ‘Spetchley Red’ scrambling high.

A fairly new addition to Sally’s Patch is Sassafras albidum, destined eventually to grow into a decent sized tree. It is already giving us stunning autumn foliage colour (right) which will just get better over time, and it has the added benefit of aromatic foliage too.