Having moved to their new home in Offenham in June 2009, Sheila & Adrian James have created a new garden there from scratch.  They now open the garden on specific dates under the NGS (yellow book), and by arrangement for small group visits from which donations to local charities are made from money raised.

Please contact us with your enquiries about small group visits.

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Langdale Summer 2018

Fresh combinationsEarly summer is an extraordinarily colourful time of the year at Langdale, with waves of tulips giving way to waves of irises and alliums.  Fresh combinations such as Viola ‘Lorna Cawthorne’, Heuchera ‘Black Tafetta’, Paeonia ‘Shirley Temple’ & Paeonia ‘Coral Charm’ work really well, with Papaver ‘Royal Chocolate Distinction’ completing the show (right).   The shrub border looks stunning at this time of year too, here a really classy grouping of Berberis, Cotinus & Euonymus providing the perfect frame for Deutzia ‘Strawberry Fields’ (left).

The shrub borderAs I write, we are in the grip of a very long dry sunny period where keeping the garden looking good is a real challenge, and we have gone from the earlier craving of sunshine to a regular performance of the rain dance in the hope that it will bring some much-needed rain.

We will be opening the garden for the NGS again this year, along with 5 other great and contrasting gardens in the village of Offenham.  Open 11am to 5pm on Sat 4th & Sun 5th August.  See NGS website for details.  Come along and enjoy some great gardens and some tasty refreshments.