Having moved to their new home in Offenham in June 2009, Sheila & Adrian James have created a new garden there from scratch.  They now open the garden on specific dates under the NGS (yellow book), and by arrangement for small group visits from which donations to local charities are made from money raised.

Please contact us with your enquiries about small group visits.

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Langdale Winter 2013

Malus x robusta 'Red Sentinel'I always think the garden visitor has to work that little bit harder when looking around a garden in winter.  So often you find your eye caught by a feature or view that may go unnoticed in other seasons, sometimes just there for a few fleeting moments when the light catches it in a particular way.  Chloé (left) rests thoughtfully maybe even a little wistfully, chin in hand – lightly dusted with frost against the glaucus blue foliage of Juniperus squamata ‘Blue Star’ and bathed in early morning winter sun, at this time of year she takes centre stage in the Blue Border.

ChloeThere are some amazing decorative trees to pick for the smaller garden these days.  Amongst my favourites are the crab apples.  They really earn their keep, giving us beautiful blossom in the spring and colourful fruits through the autumn and winter.  We have two at Langdale – Malus ‘Butterball’ which has butter yellow crab apples in the autumn, and Malus x robusta ‘Red Sentinel’ (right) which has scented white blossom in spring and bright red crab apples brightening even the darkest of winter days.