Having moved to their new home in Offenham in June 2009, Sheila & Adrian James have created a new garden there from scratch.  They now open the garden on specific dates under the NGS (yellow book), and by arrangement for small group visits from which donations to local charities are made from money raised.

Please contact us with your enquiries about small group visits.

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Langdale Summer 2014

Achillea 'Gold Plate'We are enjoying a beautiful summer here at Langdale.  The garden continues to 'fill out' as the plants become more established.  And we are starting to assess where some cutting back or even removal is necessary.

The two apricot trees we have in large planters at the top of the garden in the fruit & vegetable area have fruited very heavily indeed.  Even after the birds have had their share, there are still plenty left for us, and the fruits are delicious.  Secondly, every year we sow seeds of biennial Echium pininana.   Salvage garden It is very tender - most years we do not get it through the winter.  But last winter was so mild that we got a number of them through, and they have rewarded us with their tall spikes of blue flowers so loved by the bees.  Visitors to the garden have been amazed by them.

Achillea 'Gold Plate' performs consistently well, seen here (right) in the Rosemoor border.  And I love this view (left) down the path to the curved white bench in the Salvage garden – amazing to consider that this part of the garden has been planted for less than a year!