Having moved to their new home in Offenham in June 2009, Sheila & Adrian James have created a new garden there from scratch.  They now open the garden on specific dates under the NGS (yellow book), and by arrangement for small group visits from which donations to local charities are made from money raised.

Please contact us with your enquiries about small group visits.

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Langdale Autumn 2015

Vitis 'Brandt'Autumn at Langdale is a truly glorious season, with the fullness and colour of late summer blending in with the more traditional colours of autumn.  So the grasses and herbaceous perennials in the Rosemoor Border continue to perform, while the exotics in the Hot Border and the autumnal foliage and fruits of shrubs and small trees really come into their own.

Cobaea pringleiWinding its way through the honeysuckle and roses on the trellis at the back of the raised beds on the patio is the climber Cobaea pringlei.  In early autumn the foliage is still green, turning a deep purple as the temperatures drop, providing a stunning foil to its very showy creamy trumpet shaped flowers (left).

Scrambling all over the rustic pergola on Shane’s Shack is the grape Vitis ‘Brandt’.  When selecting which grape to plant we were attracted to this variety as it looked like it would give us good grapes for eating and good leaf colour in autumn.  As so it has proved – at this time of year it is a blaze of autumnal colour (right).